5 tips to avoid fires in your company

5 tips to avoid fires in your company

Predicting risk situations can help prevent fires in your company, home or workplace. No company is free from fire risks. But we selected at least 5 tips to prevent fires in your company.

Some companies and industries, because they work with flammable products, are at greater risk. Therefore, we want to show you these tips so that fires do not occur in your company.

Regardless of the degree of a fire occurring, all must follow the legislation. Consequently, install fire protection equipment. for Basic Fire Safety Course Click Here

In summary, our main objective in this article is to show how important it is to always be aware of possible accidents. That is, how to avoid them in any sector of your company.

Main causes of fires:

Sometimes small tricks can bring us big losses. Smoking in places where there are flammable products is a high risk.

Care must be taken in these environments with chemicals that are sensitive to combustion.

A cigarette for example, can cause a fire. As a result, it can spread to other parts of the company.

How to prevent fires in your company?

Fires can happen for a variety of reasons. They can occur from domestic fires to the most serious ones in large industries.

Among the main causes we can highlight human failures. In addition, they can occur due to electrical discharges or overload in electrical installations.

They can also occur due to lack of firefighting equipment. However, they can be caused by improper storage of flammable products.

So let’s talk 5 tips to prevent fires in your company. And thus ensure a safer environment for you and your employees.

5 tips to avoid fires in your company:

1) Identify your company’s chemicals:

Some accidents occur in places where chemicals are concentrated. Preventing fire is not just avoiding contact with fire. Often, there is no fire, but there are products that are flammable and can cause combustion.

Knowing the products and knowing what their reactions are is the first step to prevent fires.

This also works for them to have adequate storage. And in that way, avoid tragedies.

2) The importance of clearing escape routes:

Signaling is extremely fundamental to indicate escape routes. Communication via signposts can save lives in the event of a fire.

Therefore, it is important to clear escape routes and access routes to exit locations. In some malls, parking lots, for example, have signs written “Emergency Exits”.

Did you catch fire somewhere or some equipment? Remember the signage that will indicate access routes to corridors, stairs or emergency passages. That is, the routes that will help you get out of the fire scene.

3) Care with the electrical network:

The electrical network can be the beginning of a fire, through a short circuit, for example. Consequently, it is imperative to maintain the network, check that the wiring is secure.

On the other hand, avoid making the famous “cats” with the threads. And, above all, avoid overloading an outlet or extension cord with multiple devices connected at the same time.

Also, avoid the use of electrical extensions as a form of fire prevention.

4) Follow the preventive measures:

This regulatory standard provides for fire protection. And also about what preventive actions against fire you should take until the arrival of the Fire Department. That is, when you are in fire situations.

5) Keep equipment up to date:

If your company has all the necessary equipment to prevent fires, it’s time to check their operation.

It is essential to be aligned with the maintenance of fire alarms. For this, you need to observe if the emergency lights are lighting correctly. And check if the alarm centers have all the devices working.

If you haven’t installed the necessary equipment to prevent fires, check out the main reasons to do so starting today!

By putting these tips into practice, you will protect your life, that of your employees and suppliers. On the other hand, it also helps to protect whoever else is in circulation in your company’s departments.

In addition, it provides exclusive electronic security equipment in the area of ​​fire prevention and safety.

We have a team that creates a relationship of trust and transparency with you. Because one of our main objectives is to have agility and commitment in our partnership.

Without a doubt, our greatest joy is knowing that our products save lives! Our fire prevention equipment helps prevent and bring safety to you and your family. In addition, it also protects your assets.

It is worth noting that our services are available to all types of companies. We train with awareness of ethical work with responsibility.

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