8 UK scholarships You should Know if you are willing to study abroad!

8 UK scholarships

Do you think about doing an exchange program in England? So a scholarship can be a differential to think about attending your college or graduate there. So, to help you get to know better how these aid programs work, we have selected the best scholarships in the UK. So, stop whatever you’re doing now and check it out!

8 UK scholarships

Reach Oxford Scholarships:

Several colleges at the University of Oxford offer the Reach Oxford Scholarships. They are aimed at students from developing countries (including Brazil) who cannot study for a degree in their own countries, either for political or financial reasons or because equivalent educational facilities do not exist. The grants cover university fees and tuition, in addition to providing a living expenses fund and one return airfare per year. This scheme is intended only for candidates who hold the highest academic qualifications and prominence. Financial needs and social commitment are also some of the main selection criteria. Applicants must intend to return to their country of residence after their studies. But attention: students who are taking their first degree have priority.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are awarded to outstanding applicants from any country outside the UK. They are geared towards postgraduate courses in any full-time discipline offered by the University of Cambridge. Scholarship grants cover the full cost of studies and in addition also provide additional funding for students. Here are some Relevant Scholarships you might be interested in

Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford:

The Clarendon Scholarship Fund is a program that offers around 140 new scholarships per year to applicants who want to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford. Grants are awarded based on the academic record and potential of each candidate. The scholarship covers tuition and fees in full. In addition, it also provides an allowance for living expenses.

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships:

The University of Edinburgh offers around 30 scholarships to outstanding international students who intend to pursue a PhD in any field of study at the institution. Each scholarship covers the difference between the tuition fee charged in the UK and that charged in the exchange student’s home country. However, living expenses are borne by the candidate.

Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London:

Denys Holland Scholarships are intended to support undergraduate students from any country who, without this aid, would not be able to secure the necessary funding to study at University College London (UCL). Applicants must demonstrate intent to make full use of the activities offered by UCL and the Student Union. The scholarship is worth £9,000 a year and fellows can choose to use all or part of the amount to cover fees and tuition for any degree course at the institution.

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships:

The University of Bristol invests around £500,000 to help the best and brightest exchange students study at the institution. Think Big Scholarships are available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and range from £5,000 to £20,000.

University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships:

The University of West London in Bristol offers over £100,000 in scholarships to exchange students each year. This includes the Chancellor’s Scholarship, a scholarship in which the recipient must undertake an internship at the Office of International Development and other departments at the institution. The aid fully covers tuition for 1 year.

Sheffield Hal lam University Transform Together Scholarships:

Transform Together scholarships are open to both EU and non-EU students. They are aimed at those applying for a full-time postgraduate or undergraduate degree at Sheffield Hal lam University. The aid is partially exempt (50%) in tuition and is available for graduate and undergraduate courses. But in this last group, they need to be renewed annually. To get Australian Scholarship Click Here

Which of these UK scholarships caught your eye the most?

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