Hawaii: The 5 best islands

The Hawaiian Islands are a nature lover’s dream, where you can hike near an active volcano or surf some of the best waves in the world.

Hawaii has been a popular tropical getaway for decades – and with good reason. The six main islands – Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, Lanai and Molokai – offer everything from world-class surfing and diving to restaurants and hotels that appeal to a new generation of travelers – while offering frequent visitors a new perspective. with each trip.


The second largest Hawaiian island is a favorite with travelers. It has limitless options for outdoor and culinary activities, from the shimmering sands of Wailea and Kapalua to the bustling city of Lahaina. It is possible to visit Haleakala Crater, the dormant volcano that rises to over 10,000 feet. Get Hawaii ATV Tour Here


Kauai’s “Garden Island” is known for its lush jungle landscapes and easy, relaxed pace of life. The warmth and openness of the locals is especially present. There are almost deserted beaches that look like a movie set.

Hawaii, the Big Island
Larger than all the other islands combined, Hawaii, aptly dubbed the Big Island, is defined by the landscape of its lava fields. But there are also dense, green rainforests, miles of stunning beaches, and the quiet, small-town charm of Hilo, the island’s largest town (population: around 43,000), where the weekly farmers market is a stopping point for abundant tropical fruits for sale.


Oahu, meanwhile, offers a little (or a lot) of everything. The island is home to Hawaii’s wonderful capital, Honolulu, which has a staggering number of museums, galleries and a seemingly endless amount of new restaurants in its center.


Lanai is the fifth most desired island by travelers in Hawaii.

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