How does the Partner Visa in Australia work?

How does the Partner Visa in Australia work?

A Partner Visa is one granted to people who are married or in a stable relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The person can either be an Australian by birth or a foreigner and have acquired residency or citizenship in the country. In this post we will explain how Partner Visa works in Australia, who can apply and how the relationship validation process is done.

In addition, we are also going to talk about the changes announced by the Australian government to Partner Visa that should take effect in the next few months of 2019. All this in partnership with Bravo Migration, which is a company of Registered Immigration Agents, that is, specialists authorized to pass on this type of information.

But before starting to untangle the visa details, I think it’s important to clarify a point that still raises a lot of doubt: Partner Visa is not a visa granted to companions of people with other types of visas here in Australia. This is a companion visa for underage spouses or children. A Partner Visa is one where there is a relationship that involves an Australian citizen or resident.

How a Partner Visa works in Australia today

Not everyone knows, but the Partner Visa in Australia is divided into two parts, which are applied at the same time: one is the partner (foreigner) application and the other is the Australian, who will be the sponsor of this person’s visa. When the application is approved, the partner receives a temporary visa (Subclass 820), which will allow him to stay in the country until the relationship is evaluated and the permanent visa (Subclass 801) is granted. The period estimated by the Immigration Department itself is between 21 and 30 months. For Consultation Click here

What are the basic requirements for a Partner Visa in Australia?

Being married or in a stable relationship with an Australian: the person can either be born here or have immigration citizenship or even be a Permanent Resident. And then you ask yourself: but what is considered a stable relationship? Is it necessary to register in a registry office and make the famous de-facto, as it is known here in Australia? Yes and no.

Under Australian law, a couple who have lived together for more than 12 months is already considered to be in a stable relationship, so they do not have the obligation to formalize with the de-facto. However, when the relationship is less than a year old, in most cases it will be necessary to sign the de-facto (but beware, this rule varies according to the State where the registration is made).

Another requirement is that applicants go through a long relationship validation process. But what does it mean? Even if they are married on paper, it is necessary to provide a series of documents that prove that the relationship is genuine and lasting (or at least is intended to be). Of course, this documentation will vary according to each couple’s background, so it is very important that you consult with a Registered Immigration Agent so that they can review your background and give you the appropriate guidelines.

The good news is that since 2017 Australia has recognized same-sex marriages and relationships, so the rules are exactly the same.

  • Rights of a person who is on Partner Visa
  • It is allowed to work full time;
  • Access to the Australian Public Health System;
  • There is no restriction on study time.
  • How much does Partner Visa cost in Australia

As of June 2019, before the changes take effect, the immigration fee is AUD7,160. After that, this value is likely to change. FOR USA

Australia Partner Visa Changes:

Remember the two-part application I explained up there? So basically the change is this: once the new laws come into effect (which should happen in the next few months, but immigration hasn’t set an exact date) the way in which this enforcement is done will change. From then on, the Australian (visa sponsor) must apply first and undergo an analysis of financial capacity and character so that only later the partner can file the application.

According to the Immigration Department, these measures are intended to reduce the number of cases of domestic violence, since in recent years cases involving partners dependent on this visa have grown considerably.

The biggest problem with these Partner Visa changes is that the approval time can take even longer. During this period, the partner will no longer receive a Bridging Visa and will therefore have to renew the current visa, apply for a new one or leave Australia until the result of the process is announced and he can apply his part of the Partner Visa .

Therefore, for couples who are starting the process or intend to apply for a Partner Visa in Australia, the recommendation is to enter the process as soon as possible, as if the visa application is applied before the changes, the case it will be evaluated as it always was.

For more information, contact Bravo Migration by clicking on the link below or take a look at the Australian Immigration website.

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