How to compose a song? 8 tips to express your feelings

Expressing yourself artistically is intrinsic to being human and, if you like writing and listening to music, you probably have already wondered if you wouldn’t be a good composer.

Despite the existing techniques for starting an artistic activity, composing is something quite intuitive, because it is closely related to the truth of the person who writes.

Therefore, the best way is to always have paper and pen in hand so as not to lose any idea. Feel like composing songs and want to try the first verses? Come with us to check out some tips!

Tips on how to compose a song:

It’s time to wake up the composer who lives in you!

Unfortunately there is no right answer to the question “how to compose a song?”. Is that composing is a very subjective task and very particular to each one.

Have a notebook of ideas::

There are composers who start with the lyrics, others play around making some riffs and then try to fit the written part.

Anyway, for that, be free and always have a notebook of ideas to write down inspirations and themes that you are interested in, and even the name of some new song that you just heard and fell in love with.

It is important to get familiarized with this universe of musical creation, as this will open your mind to different possibilities.

Do letter analysis:

A very good exercise is to take the lyrics of your favorite songs and study them. Wear a headphone and at the same time read the verses as the music plays.

Afterwards, just read without sound and see how many songs go together with another fundamental artistic expression for those who want to compose music: poetry.

This is the time to better analyze the verses, the chosen words, write down ideas that arise and make an interpretation of what the composer is talking about.

A lot of times we can’t capture its full depth just by listening to the music. It is necessary to stop a little and see the nuances of each stanza.

The structure varies by style. In pop music, for example, it’s usually based on:

Final chorus
Final intro
It is important to emphasize that they are not rigid, they can be repeated in the middle of the song, or even start with the chorus.

Allow yourself to have moments of contemplation:

Did you know that singer Bob Dylan and other of the most highly regarded lyricists in music history take a few minutes to meditate before starting to write?

So it is! Sometimes there’s no way to compose a song in troubled times. It is necessary to practice a little idleness, take a deep breath, listen to good music, read poetry, look at the landscape through the window…

The best ideas come when we are relaxed, looking out to sea, lying in a hammock, or simply taking a walk in a park.

If you want to start composing, one of the essential exercises is to allow yourself moments of contemplation without feeling guilty! Feel free, but always have your notebook at your side!

Scribble the first Verses:

After some lyrical studies and moments of reflection, how about taking a look at the ideas you’ve been jotting down and risking the first few lines?

A very interesting exercise indicated by composers is that of the spoken word, which is putting aside the concern with sound, rhythm and melody to concentrate on words.

Start by writing down what you’re feeling, talk about something that makes you happy or that afflicts you… In the first stages of creating a song, it’s necessary to put aside a little the ego, which is always having problems causing the process to stop.

Use free writing and just face the blank paper throwing the first words that come to your mind. As much as it doesn’t make sense at first, let it flow and don’t stop.

Leave it to structure and clean up loose sentences only at the end, as the lyrics need to rest a little beforehand.

Record the verses with your voice:

It can happen that the rhythm comes along with the lyrics, which is a huge advantage in the creative process. For example, you are writing and in your mind there is already a certain sound blowing.

Immediately grab your cell phone recorder and sing, don’t mind recording in tune or not, it’s just so you don’t lose your initial inspiration.

Play with some instrument:

It’s normal for someone to dedicate themselves to the lyrics and another person to the instrumental part, not necessarily a composer needs to be an expert instrumentalist, but of course having a notion helps a lot when putting everything together.

Even if your focus is to become a lyricist, if you like an instrument it’s worth learning a little about it so that you have an even greater foundation when composing music.

A composition works very well with all instruments, but the guitar, keyboard and piano are usually preferred when it comes to giving sound to the lyrics.

Take a few notes, see if the sound matches the style of music you have in mind, and experiment.

Use a rhyming dictionary:

There are some tools that composers use when composing a song and a very nice one for those who want to venture on this journey is the rhyming dictionary.

Not that rhyme is mandatory in a lyric, but in some musical styles it is essential, like in rap.

And for rhythm, it can be interesting to play with the rhymes. There are online rhyming dictionaries on the internet to use for free.

Find a partner to exchange ideas:

Writing, whether lyrics, prose or poetry, is a lonely process. Most of the time it’s you, paper, pen and background music… However, nothing prevents you from going in search of a musical partner to exchange ideas and even help with the compositions. For more about piano you can read here

For example, it can be a guitarist who will be responsible for creating the melody, another lyricist to sharpen the phrases, in short… There is no ready-made formula to compose songs, so there is no right or wrong.

There are many singers who have composed together.

Songs to focus:

If there’s one thing that’s part of most people’s routine, it’s music. And the good thing is that it still provides countless benefits for our mental health.

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