How to Get a Scholarship in Australia?

Chosen by many Indians as a new home, Australia guarantees   beaches, warm weather and structures of a first world country. Due to its international character, with a reputation for receiving immigrants from all over the globe, the country of Oceania offers several options for those who wish to carry out part of their studies there.

If you are considering leaving India to attend an undergraduate or even a graduate degree, compared to countries like England and the United States, scholarships in Australia are offered in greater numbers, precisely because of the government’s incentive to this multicultural character.

Check out what scholarship formats are available in Australia and how you can apply to some of the country’s top universities. Good reading!

Scholarship formats in Australia:

Before going after your scholarship in Australia, you need to know which benefit category best fits your profile, as some scholarships are more difficult to obtain than others.

Student Merit Scholarship:

This scholarship format is granted by the vast majority of universities, however, it is the most difficult to achieve. Institutions look for students who can make a difference in their field, in the field of research, and in the field of study.

Because of this, from a selection of the names that registered in the period, the universities awarded a full scholarship to those students who demonstrated an out-of-the-curve performance.

Excellent grades in high school, demonstration of interest in global agendas, participation in extracurricular activities and proactivity combined with curiosity are some of the items that make a student a scholarship holder.

The mission to win this category of scholarship in Australia is complicated even for a local, but if you meet the requirements, be sure to give it a try.

Scholarships Awarded through Programs:

More commonly offered in European countries, programs for granting scholarships to foreigners are also present in good numbers in Australia.

Organized by universities, cities or states, this scholarship format aims to attract foreigners to specific courses and locations, with the mission of carrying out a cultural exchange and contributing to the development of disadvantaged countries.

Scholarship programs in Australia:

Check out some scholarship programs developed by universities and the Australian government.

University of Sydney:

With excellent placement in the ranking of the best colleges in the world, the university of Sydney is considered by many to be the best in Australia.

The institution’s scholarship program guarantees a grant of US$40,000 to cover the costs of the first year of training for undergraduate or master’s students. To apply, simply complete your application at the college and select that you want to participate in the selection process to be a scholarship holder.

The evaluation process considers your academic performance. And, although it cannot be renewed for subsequent years of the course, having this aid in your first year in Australia is essential to have time to plan and get a job, being able to pay the other fees.

University of Adelaide:

Located in the south of the country, the University of Adelaide also has its own program for granting scholarships to foreigners, called the University of Adelaide Research Scholarships. This scholarship program in Australia is compatible with those who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree at the institution.

The scholarship is awarded to students who wish to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree at the university. The choice of beneficiaries is based on the research projects and includes coverage of expenses with the course and health insurance.

Destination Australia Program:

Created by the Australian government, DAP partners with qualified educational institutions to fund international and national student scholarships.

To apply, you need to verify a partner institution on the program website and search for scholarship information directly with them. The benefit for selected students is 15 thousand Australian dollars per, to be used to pay for the course and other expenses.

Among the formats of courses offered by the partner institutions are technical education, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Requirements for applying for a scholarship in Australia:

In order to get a place on a scholarship in Australia regardless of the scholarship format, you will need to meet certain prerequisites to be sent to the university. Check them out and get ready:

  • School Records;
  • High school completion certificate;
  • Curriculum (for postgraduate courses);
  • Research proposal (for postgraduate courses);
  • University degree (for postgraduate courses);
  • Proof of English proficiency.

Certainly, applying for a scholarship in Australia requires some requirements that you have already acquired during your student life, but without proficiency in the English language, it will be useless to have been an exemplary student.

Due to its connection with England, the most accepted exam by Australian universities is the IELTS. An excellent way to prepare for this test is by taking a free IELTS simulation, through which you will discover your weaknesses with the language, having the possibility to study according to your real needs.

Remaining in Australia after studies:

The focus of most scholarships is to give you an opportunity to include in your curriculum an international training to be applied in India, so much so that the visa granted to scholarship holders – student visa – expires after the end of the course.

However, like many people, you may fall in love with Australia and want to settle in the country. The most practical way to achieve this is through a job opening.

Australia grants work visas to those whose company shows an interest in keeping the person as an employee. In other words, it is not you who has to apply for the visa, but your employer.

For this to happen, it is necessary to demonstrate a lot of dedication and qualities that will make the company want to continue counting on your service.

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