How to study at the best universities in England?

England is the birthplace of the most prestigious universities in the world. Therefore, it is one of the preferred destinations for students from different countries, who wish to study in England in a quality institution and obtain better employment opportunities in the future.

Thus, Indians who want to have the chance to study at one of the best universities in England must follow a sequence of simple actions, but which require a lot of organization and planning. Are they:

  • Choose up to five courses you want to study;
  • Research each university’s entry requirements;
  • Apply for undergraduate study at the UCAS Hub;
  • Inform yourself about the monthly fee, form of admission and the possibility of a scholarship from the institutions;
  • Find out when you can submit your application, as well as the deadlines for the course of your choice;
  • Respond to your offers on the UCAS website, if approved, and register for the course. For Visa Click here

Is it possible to use the Exam?

Yes. There are several universities in England that accept the ENEM score as one of the requirements to enter undergraduate courses. However, unlike India, it is not the only requirement required by institutions, they are also considered:

  • Overall average in high school;
  • Passing the exam at the chosen university;
  • Proof of proficiency level in English;
  • Completion of the Foundation Year, an undergraduate course used to level international students.

Thus, despite being accepted in some universities, the ENEM grade does not guarantee entry into a higher education institution in England. Find out which colleges consider this score:

  • Loughborough University;
  • Kingston University London;
  • Birkbeck, University of London;
  • Queen Mary University of London.

Documents needed to Apply:

To study at one of the best universities in England, students must have some personal and educational documents on hand. So check them out below:

Copy of passport;
Student visa;
School Records;
High School Completion Certificate (sworn translation);
Certificate of proficiency in English (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Test);
Recommendations written by teachers or advisors (in English);
Personal letter of motivation (personal statement).

How much does it cost to study at the best universities in England?

Course fees in England vary depending on the student’s level of study and the college they plan to study. Thus, Indians can expect to pay between £10,000 and £30,000 for 3-year degree courses.

In addition, medical courses and those with a longer duration, on the other hand, can cost more. So, follow below what are the values ​​of the main courses in the best universities in England:

Is it worth studying at the best universities in England?:

Yes, without a doubt, it is worth studying at the best universities in England. Although getting a place is a bureaucratic process and involves many steps, the quality of life, teaching and job opportunities after completing the course are excellent.

In addition, student life abroad is full of amazing experiences that contribute to your personal and professional growth. However, it takes a lot of focus and a lot of planning to go to another country to be able to study at a college in England.

University College London:

Founded in 1826, University College London (UCL) is one of the best universities in England. Its main base is located in London, but it has 31 branches in England, which accommodate more than 22 thousand students enrolled in undergraduate and masters courses.

UCL holds several Nobel prizes awarded to alumni and researchers, such as William Ramsay, who discovered noble gases and worked as a professor at the institution. In addition, the alumni list includes greats such as Mahatma Gandhi.

Main Courses:

University College London (UCL) offers more than 3,700 courses annually and in diverse fields of knowledge, such as:

  • Arts;
  • Right;
  • Music;
  • Science;
  • Theology;
  • Medicine;
  • Education;
  • Engineering;
  • Administration;
  • Dental Surgery;
  • Veterinary Medicine;
  • Commerce and Humanities.
  • How to compete

The requirements to apply for UCL vary according to the chosen course. However, Indian students must have completed high school with excellent grades to enter the Foundation Year. It is a preparatory course for graduation that foreign students need to take.

Therefore, students must present some documents and follow the steps below:

  • Application to UCAS: Applicants must apply to the university using the same process as other UK students;
  • Academic transcript: one of the steps in the application process is the submission of the academic transcript and high school diploma;
  • Letter of motivation: students must write a letter of motivation, explaining the reasons for having chosen the course they wish to study;
  • Letter of Recommendation: Students must have a letter of recommendation written by a professor or advisor to join UCL;
  • Proficiency in English: If you do not have English as your original language, candidates must have a certificate of proficiency in English.

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