Las Vegas map: best sights in the city

A quick glance at the Las Vegas map is enough to see that the casino capital of the world concentrates most of its attractions in the same region.

Thinking about this wide variety of tourist options, we set up a itinerary through one of the most famous and trendy cities in the world. Check out!

Las Vegas Map: Discover the Liveliest City in the USA:

Known as the “City of Sin”, Las Vegas is famous for its casinos. There are so many pharaonic attractions that the city is the greatest point of light on Earth seen from space.

Discover what you can’t leave out of your travel itinerary and get ready for an unforgettable vacation!

Where is Las Vegas?

Imagine an oasis built in the middle of the desert. This is Las Vegas, in the southern state of Nevada, in the western United States.

The city is impressive for its tourist infrastructure: there are dozens of hotels, casinos, resorts and outlets scattered through the streets that have already become a common scenario in Hollywood movies.

Despite being in the middle of the Mojave desert, this destination is close to other cities that are very popular with tourists, which can be an advantage when planning your planning.

Las Vegas is a four-hour drive from Los Angeles and six hours from San Francisco, both in California.

Thus, it is common for tourists to schedule a trip along the West Coast of the United States in the same itinerary.

And of course, it’s all so much easier with a rental car! For those who want to explore Las Vegas fully and still discover some more remote regions, having their own transport makes all the difference.

How to get to Las Vegas?

The only airline that offers direct flights to Las Vegas, departing.

The trip takes almost 13 hours and is quite expensive, but it is an alternative for those who do not have time to waste.

Although UK does not have many offers of direct flights to Las Vegas, there is a wide offer of airlines that take you to the city.

Flights take, in general, 15 hours, from London. Connections go through cities such as Miami, New York and Panama City.

Another alternative is to disembark in Los Angeles and reach the “City of Sin” by car: the road trip is 420 km long and passes through beautiful landscapes.

This trip can even be more affordable, although it requires more days. On the other hand, in the same itinerary you can take the opportunity to get to know both destinations.

When is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

As the city is in the middle of the Mojave Desert, expect extreme temperatures in both summer and winter.

Summer happens between the months of July and August, with extremely high temperatures. To ward off any discomfort caused by the heat, it’s the perfect occasion to enjoy a funky pool party!

Between the months of November and February, in turn, winter drops temperatures: be sure to pack warm coats in your suitcase.

This time of year is also quite rainy, but there is no snow. Here are the Tips for Visa interview

If you don’t enjoy the heat or the chill, an alternative is the mid-season months. From March to May and from September to October the weather is very pleasant, guaranteeing pleasant walks.

Flights to Las Vegas:

An essential part of planning any trip involves cost forecasting. So, as airline tickets can be the most expensive item on your trip, it’s worth doing a lot of research.

There are no direct flights from UK to Las Vegas, but you can find dozens of alternative routes offered by different travel companies.

When searching, bet on comparators such as Promo to find the best option in airline tickets for your pocket and your needs.

Las Vegas Map: City History:

The city of Las Vegas was founded in 1905, but its history seems to start with the legalization of gambling in 1913.

Thus, from a very early age, the city attracted tourists in search of games and entertainment, which soon became a common theme in Hollywood movies.

Over the years, there has been greater diversification in the offer of tourist attractions.

Today, the city attracts entire families, with dozens of museums, shows and restaurants spread across the many luxurious hotels and casinos.

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