London sights: Best attractions and travel tips

London sights: Best attractions and travel tips:

Are you going to land in the land of the Queen? So, know that London’s sights are among the most amazing and diverse in all of Europe.

There are attractions from the most traditional to the most alternative places. Come with us and discover every corner of this European destination, very charming and diverse!

London sights: culture and tradition

One of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and home to Queen Elizabeth II, London is pure history.

As you walk through the city, you will discover buildings built many centuries ago that have been the scene of important moments throughout England’s cities.

London was founded by the Romans and was influenced by various peoples, making the capital’s culture very diverse.

Among the main customs and traditions is the English hand, where cars are driven on the right side.

British punctuality is known around the world, as are its traditional pubs throughout the city.

The famous five o’clock tea remains alive in the daily lives of the English. It is one of the most traditional habits in the country.

London education is almost a tradition in the country. When visiting the city, you will notice how the people are extremely friendly and kind, especially with tourists.

London is a destination with a rich culture and you will certainly be enchanted by the way of life of the London people.

Tourism in London: documents needed to travel:

In addition to choosing the attractions in London to visit, it is necessary to pay attention to the necessary documentation for international boarding.

The good news is that there is not a lot of bureaucracy to enter the country. If your stay does not exceed 90 days, not even a visa will be required.

Upon arrival at immigration, have your passport valid for six months, return ticket, proof of accommodation or letter of invitation, as well as means to confirm that you have the financial conditions to remain in the country.

Flights to London:

Once you know what documents you need to travel to London, it’s time to find the best airline ticket options.

A tip is to make your quotes on the verification site, Passagens Promo, which has been a great success among travelers by guaranteeing the lowest prices in the market, as well as discounts and promotions.

London Travel Insurance:

As well as putting together an itinerary with the main tourist attractions in London and finding the best options for airline tickets, taking out travel insurance should also be at the top of the list.

In any trip we are subject to go through several situations, which involve health problems, flight cancellation or delay, loss of luggage or even an accident.

London sights: what to see in the English capital:

A good map of London with sights should be assembled so as not to leave any interesting places out.

Top of the list, of course, must be the famous Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition, a tour of the London Eye is almost mandatory, as is a visit to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, the most famous drawbridge in the world.

Visit the Natural History Museum of London and Madame Tussauds Museum, with plaster statues of celebrities from around the world, as well as the Palace of Westminster. You can consult here about visa

If you’re short on money, there are plenty of free attractions too, such as Regent’s Park, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park and the British Museum.

Oh, also take that classic shot at King’s Cross Station: Platform 9 ¾ from the epic scene from the Harry Potter movie.

With so many amazing places, it’s good to have a good map. To help you, take a look at this route we’ve prepared for you.

Big ben:

Start with Big Ben, a true symbol of the London city. The most famous clock in the world stands next to the Palace of Westminster, on the banks of the River Thames.

The Big Ben Tower is over 100 meters high and has a Gothic architecture with four gigantic clocks, which began operating in 1859.

Of course, when visiting Big Ben, a visit to the palace is also a must.

Buckingham Palace:

This is that classic London attraction. Buckingham Palace is the home of Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family. The building with more than 770 rooms houses the offices of the British monarchy.

The traditional royal ceremonies take place on site. If you want to visit the home of the most famous monarch in the world, you must travel to London in the summer, when you are not in town.

Oh, of course you can’t miss the traditional changing of the guard, which takes place in front of the palace at 11 am.

King’s Cross Station: Platform 9 ¾

Not sure which London sights you can’t miss? Kings Cross Station: Platform 9 ¾ is one of them.

Famous for being one of the main sets of Harry Potter, the place received a fictitious plaque so that fans of the film can take that classic photo entering the wall.

London Eye:

Want a panoramic view of the city? Then be sure to take a ride on the London Eye, the most visited Ferris wheel on the planet.

Beside the River Thames, the attraction is more than 120 meters high and was inaugurated 20 years ago. Since then, the giant wheel with glass cabins has become one of the city’s main attractions.

From the top, you will have a beautiful view of the entire city. It’s amazing!

London Tower:

Among London’s most visited sights is the beautiful Tower of London, built in 1066.

The complex of buildings, walls and towers was, in the past, a fortress, a prison, a royal residence.

Take a guided tour of the tower’s outbuildings, such as the royal apartments in the Middle Ages, and stroll along the walls. Also check the sentences written on the walls by the prisoners.

Tower bridge

Beautiful and stunning over the River Thames. This is the Tower Bridge, famous for being a drawbridge, which opens up for the passage of boats.

In addition to vehicular traffic, it also has walkways for pedestrians on its sides.

On site, be sure to take that traditional photo and visit the interior of the towers, where you can learn about the entire history of the bridge, as well as the old engine room.

London Natural History Museum:

It is among the most visited attractions in London. The Museum of Natural History in London has around 70 million species of nature gathered over a period of 400 years.

There, you can see fossils, plants, animals and minerals from around the world.

Be sure to take a tour of the blue zone, where you will be able to observe a scenario that recalls the age of the dinosaurs, including gigantic replicas, such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Madame Tussauds Museum:

How about getting to know the main personalities in the world? The Madame Tussauds Museum brings together wax statues of celebrities, athletes and important politicians on the world stage.

The coolest thing is that the wax statues are very real, having the same weight, height and expressions as the honorees.

Palace of Westminster

Beautifully installed on the banks of the River Thames, the Palace of Westminster is one of the symbols of the British city.

The sumptuous building, also called the Houses of Parliament, was built in the 19th century and features Victorian Gothic architecture.

The site houses more than 3.5 kilometers of corridors, 11 patios and 1,000 rooms. Outside, statues of kings and gilded spiers are major highlights of the palace, as is Big Ben’s tower.

What to do for free in London?

Short on cash and want to know what London sights are free of charge? We’ve got some really cool attractions that you won’t pay anything to see.

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