Our mission

We seek to promote a return to limited government and maximum liberty in the USA and around the world through a decentralized confederation style government combined with direct democracy. Pure representative democracy, although required during earlier times of limited communications and travel has often failed to preserve liberty and limit the growth of government or its control by special interests.

The Swiss Confederation Institute will educate the public on the benefits of expanded direct democracy with the right of referendum &  initiative in order for the citizens to curtail or introduce legislation and laws. We also favor the Swiss model of decentralized, limited confederation government as exists in Switzerland today and formerly in America’s first government, The Articles of Confederation and later the CSA.

In addition, we advocate The Swiss concept of “Willensnation,” a growth by attraction—the voluntary association of neighboring principalities, cities, and individuals that makes Switzerland a nation created by acts of the free will by voluntarily, peaceful, democratic devolution from other government structures. We believe many nations around the world would do well to study, understand and emulate the Swiss example. Aggressive war, growing religious extremism, terrorism, ethnic and religious bigotry, and conflict, as well as the often heavy-handed tyranny of majorities and special interests,  could be avoided and supplanted by the Swiss example of direct democracy and confederation.












The mission of the Swiss Confederation Institute is to educate the American public and the world about the success story of Switzerland’s unique model of direct democracy and decentralized limited confederation political system in contrast to the perceived failure of American style representative democracy to limit government growth and defend liberty. Imagine a nation where the voters not only have the right of a referendum to overturn central government dictates as well as parliamentary or congressional excess but where the citizens can actually initiate and create legislation, laws, regulations, and policy—all through their initiative process in Switzerland.

Our goal is to help the public learn why the Swiss political model that preserves personal liberty, advocates local decentralized government services and guarantees citizen control over government should be emulated and copied in the U.S. and around the world. It is important to remember than America’s first government was the Articles of Confederation. Even our neighbor to the north has been successful as a confederation as their devolution of federal power voluntarily kept Quebec in Canada.

We need your support to guarantee that in our new 21st century, the Swiss model of direct democracy and confederation will be studied, copied and adapted to local political environments to help transform the top-down, big government failures of the 20th century into legitimate, effective, limited governments restrained by direct democracy around the world. – Ronald Holland, President