Places in South Dakota you should Visit Once in a life

South Dakota: Top Sights and Tours!

Can you imagine living days in a genuine Wild West? In South Dakota you can! This historic US state can transport you to the cowboy era!

Home to the iconic Mount Rushmore, which features the faces of four former US presidents carved into the mountain, the region offers many other attractions.

After all, it’s impossible not to be surprised by the landscapes of Badlands National Park, be enchanted by the natural wealth in Custer State Park and “immerse yourself” in the rich history of the West!

Why not start planning an unforgettable trip to the South Dakota region right now?

South Dakota: what to do in one of the traditional American states?

If it were necessary to describe South Dakota, United States, with just one word, it would be “beauty”.

In the west of the country’s map, the state is a giant in agriculture and livestock, but it made its wealth from tourism, precisely because of its beautiful landscapes.

It’s no wonder that the region has been immortalized in the arts, as the setting for the films Dances with the Wolves and Northwest, in addition to the television series Deadwood!

With so many attractions and natural beauties, it is even difficult to define what to do in the state, but we have prepared a selection with the best tips for your trip. Check out here for Visa if You Need

Who is born in South Dakota it?

South Dakota is a neighbor of the almost namesake of North Dakota. The two states have a rich past, of great importance in the history of the United States.

Both were named after a word in the indigenous language of the Dakota people, Native Americans who were the majority in the region before the arrival of Europeans, whose meaning is “Friend”.

Those born in the southern “friend state”, which has almost 900,000 inhabitants, are called South Dakotans.

South Dakota: facts:

Despite being less popular than other states in the American West, such as Nevada, California and Arizona, South Dakota can be the perfect destination for your next trip, mainly because of its culture.

In the region, it can be said that the Wild West never ended. The barren landscape, in which gravity-defying mountains stretch into the blue of the sky, looks like something out of a John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movie.

In few corners of the world is it possible to have such close contact with nature.

The Black Hills National Forest route, for example, takes the traveler along scenic roads of unparalleled beauty, with hundreds of kilometers of trails.

The Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge, meanwhile, is simply a must-see for birdwatchers. The park is home to more than 400 species of birds, amidst forests and grasslands.

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