Places You should Visit Once in your Life

In the footsteps of ancient pilgrims to Lake Bled:

The fame of the enchanting Lake Bled began with the pilgrims who for over a millennium have come from afar to pray in the photogenic church located on the island and continued as a holiday resort for royalty in the 19th century and then for the former Yugoslav president Tito, who he owned a villa on the shore of the lake. Tourism is showing no signs of slowing down today. This turquoise stretch of water framed by the snow-capped Julian Alps, on which a delightful white church on a green island and a castle with terracotta roofs stand out, is the most important tourist destination in Slovenia. Thanks to its small size – just 2 km long and 1.4 km wide – the circumference of only 6 km can be easily covered on foot, by bicycle or by car.

The splendid and mighty Iguazu Falls:

The Río Iguazú, which marks the border between Argentina and Brazil, flows placidly through the jungle and then plunges with sudden fury from a basalt ledge, forming the most majestic waterfalls on the planet. On the Argentine side, a walkway goes through the jungle vegetation populated by butterflies and parrots, passes a series of increasingly spectacular waterfalls to finally reach the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). The sun’s rays shining through the spray create numerous rainbows, while the cascade of water bounces off the river below.

The Hindu paradise in the temples of Angkor:

The temples of Angkor, a monument to man’s ingenuity and devotion, arouse awe similar to that of many natural spectacles mentioned in this top 10. On the other hand, Angkor Wat, the most famous site in Angkor, is a representation of Mount Meru, center of the universe and home of the Hindu gods. Imagine the wonder that the ancient Khmer must have felt upon entering Angkor Wat for the first time after crossing the wide moat, seeing the 55 m high central tower and the elaborate bas-reliefs.

Journey to a world of salt:

Imagine the scene: you are in the middle of the sky. Clouds above you. Clouds below you. All around, just an infinite blue. This is what it feels like at Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world, after the rain. The thin layer of water transforms the flat surface of salt into an immense mirror. The horizon disappears and you seem to float. This is just one of the extraordinary experiences that can be done in this area of ​​10,582 sq km in the Bolivian Altiplano. When the surface is dry, the white and boundless expanse marked by cracks seems to come out of Mad Max: a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape parched by the sun. For Visa Consultation click here

The classic tea house trek along the Annapurna Circuit:

The Annapurna circuit, in Nepal, is considered one of the great treks in the world. The scenery is enchanting and the sense of the journey very rewarding: you start from the rice fields and then climb through the yak pastures until you pass Thorung La, an imposing pass blocked by snow. Challenging, majestic and challenging – this trek is everything you could possibly want. And along the way meet some of Nepal’s best lodges, offering hot meals, apple pie and milk tea. Unfortunately, in recent years the trek has suffered a lot from the construction of the new road. Today the initial section of the trail from Besi Sahar and much of the western section from Mukti nath to Beni are flanked by roads. But all is not lost, because it is the detours that make this trek truly fantastic, especially the one to the high altitude lake of Tilicho or the village of Ngawal.

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