Research shows that music can make your life so much better

There is something that everyone who is passionate about music has known for some time, listening to music is very good. However, we at Music Jungle like to prove what we already know, so we collected several researches that prove that listening to music is very good for our lives.

Listening to music reduces stress

When we feel stressed or married, many of us – intuitively – turn on more relaxing music. Research proves that; calm or slow classical music can have a calming effect on our brain. So if you have a hard time dealing with stress, think about listening to classical music, it will make you much calmer. Or try listening to a relaxing movie soundtrack, another study reported that this type of music had more powerful anxiety-reducing effects than anti-anxiety medications.

Listening to music improves endurance

If you work out, you may have felt that you performed better when listening to music. A study shows that music can increase a person’s stamina by up to 15%.

One theory is that classical music helps a person to concentrate, which in turn allows you to stick with a task longer. However, another study suggests that it is not the type of music but the speed of the music – the beats per minute (bpm). According to the study, the ideal speed would be 125-140 bpm.

Music makes you Healthier:

It may sound too good to be true, but some research suggests there are significant health benefits to listening to music.

This act can release dopamine, just as eating or having sex would. If you are on a diet, this is good news! You could perhaps substitute the pleasure achieved through eating your favorite foods by indulging in your favorite music, with none of the negative health repercussions.

Teaching a child to play an instrument can increase their chance of success

Research shows a remarkable correlation between learning to play an instrument as a child and becoming successful in adulthood. So if you were ever upset with your parents for forcing you to play the guitar or violin, well, be grateful now.

Music makes you Smarter:

This is also true for adults! So don’t worry if you didn’t learn to play an instrument as a child. Choose one now and become the master. This research shows that playing an instrument can increase your IQ by up to seven points.

Music improves your Memory:

The interesting part about the research is that it shows that music helps develop your brain in several areas, memory being the most significant. So if you have a bad memory, learning to play an instrument is something you should consider. You might be interested in piano check here

Classical music appears to be the biggest winner of the survey. If you’ve been discredited by now, give it a try and listen to some of the greatest classical composers.

While the effect music has on us hasn’t been fully explained, it’s hard not to accept the fact that your life is better when you’re listening to music!

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