Studying in England: All-Paid Scholarship

Studying in England is the dream of many students, but how to get the long-awaited scholarship with all expenses paid?

England is considered one of the most influential countries in the world, because of its traditions and culture. In addition to being the land of the Queen, having the famous afternoon tea, the “fish and chips” – fish and potatoes that the British love; the country is the hope of many students who want to acquire a scholarship.

The doubts of candidates seeking a scholarship in England are many, but at first the particular question they ask is:

How can I study abroad with everything paid?

One of the main options for students aiming to stabilize their career, without a doubt, is to study and pay as little as possible. In addition, other people who want to study abroad are looking to improve their English and get to know a new culture more deeply. In this case British culture.

Can you imagine training your listening living with native speakers 24 hours a day?

Check here all the details and everything you need to know to do your exchange in England and get an all-expense-paid scholarship.

Study in England with the  Scholarship

The  Scholarship is amazing, the candidate can study with everything paid, from his travel to accommodation. The program is an incentive from the British Government and has already helped thousands of students around the world. A great option for those who want to study in England. Ch evening​ is one of the most renowned programs in the world and you can be a part of it.

How it works?

With two modalities of study, the scholarship covers master’s, doctoral and research areas in general. The Scholarship modality focuses on masters and doctoral degrees. The Fellowships modality covers the fields of research and development within the university.

The incentive targets profiles of foreigners interested in professional growth. The student arrives in England with the aim of acquiring knowledge and taking it to his home country. That’s why this scholarship is not just a financial incentive, but much more than that.

The Ch evening Scholarship was created in 1983 to encourage other countries to develop. However, the main beneficiaries are foreign students. Therefore, young people who want to implement their higher education studies can use scholarships and study in countries such as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In this sense, the student should consider and have in mind some project to develop in his area when returning to his country, promoting and helping his community and the like. Then, your plans will be analyzed over that time, that is, from 4 to 5 years in which the student is in England.

Candidate characteristics to study in England:

In addition to the life trajectory, which counts high points to guarantee the scholarship, the candidate must fulfill some prerequisites. To study in England through the Ch evening process, it’s simple, the program does not take into account the candidate’s age, but other important aspects that will entitle him to the scholarship.

First, the student must be on the list of countries covered by the Ch evening Scholarship. Above all, developing countries, such as Ind. Among them are also countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The candidate must be committed to returning to their home country shortly after completing the course. Although participating in the Scholarship and studying in England is simple, the return is necessary and must be done within a minimum period of 2 years. In addition, the student must have completed a degree in his/her home country, as the aim of the program is to help graduate students to advance their career and help in the development of their country.

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