Things to do in Park City, Utah

Just writing about Park City makes me want to go back there. The atmosphere of the place is very pleasant: people of all ages, who like sports, but at the end of the day also want to have a beer, have fun, eat well. The place is beautiful, surrounded by the mountains, and the little town is cute. I spent all day skiing and at the end of the day I would do other things. See what to do in Park City and be enchanted by this city yourself!

Things to do in Park City:

1. Skiing or snowboarding:

Clear. Park City is the city with the largest ski area in the United States and has an incredible view from the top of the mountain. You won’t want to miss this. But if you still don’t know how to ski or snow, you can take a few lessons like I did.

In addition to having a lot of fun, I was able to learn a lot from the classes and, in fact, skiing. I took 5 days of classes and in the last I was already exploring a lot of ski slopes. Not to mention the teachers are amazing. They know a lot, have the patience to teach and have a sympathy that you see in few places.

2. Ice skating:

There is a small skating rink in town if you don’t want to ski. But to be honest, every time I saw it, it was empty because everyone prefers to go skiing. But if you insist on skating, you already know that the activity is among the many possibilities for those looking for things to do in Park City

3. Visit the High West Distillery:

It was the coolest distillery I’ve ever visited because it’s also a super cozy bar. Outside, you find some people warming themselves by a fire. And inside, pleasant music, good energy, original atmosphere and delicious drinks and food! One of the best drinks I’ve ever had in my life was there, made with vodka, lemonade and pomegranate.

And you know whats is most cool? The distillery is on Main Street, but you can get there by skiing. Go down the mountain, leave the ski, have a coffee or a drink, take the lift and go back to skiing.

4. Visit the Last Pitch Brewery:

What I found the coolest about this brewery was the history (besides the beer being delicious). Two friends who were very fond of skiing and nature, moved to Park City with the intention of being closer to the mountains and thus setting up a brewery.

Thinking about the sport, they decided that the beers would be stored in cans and not glasses. So they can put some in their backpack and go skiing without fear of an accident with the beers. And when you’re walking around the brewery, notice one thing: all the beer gallons are named after songs named after women. “Layla” by Eric Clapton, “Angel” by the Stones, etc. The brewery has a bar area for you to taste beers at your leisure.

5. Make bobsledding:

Remember the movie “Jamaica Below Zero”? The bobsled is the cart that slides on the “tube” of ice. The idea seemed crazy to me at first, but it’s all super safe and one of the coolest things for anyone looking to do in Park City.

The state of Utah has hosted the Winter Olympics and the driver in my cart was one of the champions of the sport. The lap took around 47 seconds, at an average speed of 110km/hour. Good for adrenaline junkies. TRY ATV Tour in Utah

6. Go to the Ice bar:

I couldn’t take this tour, because when I went to Park City the weather was already getting hot. But the Ice bar, as the name implies, is an ice bar. Ice sculptures, counters, ice benches and chairs. A very different experience for us tropical Indian. I thought it was a same I couldn’t go

7. Walk along Main Street:

Main Street is the main street in Park City and it gives that feeling that you are in a movie set because the street is so cute. Walking around there makes you want to go into some antique shops, bookstores, chocolate shops, cafes, bars… Everything is beautiful and cozy.

What I found the coolest is that on this street it is forbidden to have large chain stores (Starbucks, McDonalds, Barnes & Noble, etc). In this way local commerce is valued.

What makes life easier for tourists is that there is a shuttle that takes guests from hotels in the Canyons area to Main Street for free. You won’t be able to resist Main Street even after a full day of skiing.

8. Visit Dolly’s Bookstore on Main Street:

The Dolly bookstore, in addition to being warm and cozy, is interesting because it has two cats that are walking around. I think it’s worth stopping by and seeing the funny bored faces on the cats.

9. Catch a movie or a stand up at Egyptian:

Egyptian is a theater/cinema on Main Street and you should include it as a stop when looking for things to do in Park City. The cool thing is that the cinema looks kind of vintage in its architecture. It won’t be too far off the mark if you go to the movies in Park City.

10. Party at the “No Name” bar:

In Park City there are practically no clubs. And at one in the morning, the law prevents alcohol from being sold. But the bar “No Name”, located on Main Street, does not stop boiling. It is frequented by beautiful and no frills people and it gives the impression that everyone who was on the mountain during the day is now there wanting to laugh and relax while having a beer.

You can order a portion and a hamburger too, all American style. The atmosphere is well decorated, cozy and looks like an American bar. There is also a lively terrace on the second floor of the bar.



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