Things You Should after getting Student VIsa?

Study 20+ weeks with work permit:

What changes from the application of less than 20 weeks are the necessary medical exams. When completing and submitting your application, the system automatically issues the exam guide (HAP ID) if the duration of your studies is longer than mentioned above. The exam must be performed by physicians registered with the DHA. To find a registered doctor click here.

Just as a reference, the consultation costs around R$460 and the x-ray R$150. The exams must also be carried out in accredited laboratories so that the reports are in English. If your plan covers it, you probably won’t have additional expenses beyond the consultation.

What tests are needed – Complete medical certificate, lung x-ray (to check for tuberculosis) and simple urine exam. The exams are valid for 12 months.
Deadlines, price and student visa processes

I mentioned above about the average tourist visa processing time. Here are the process estimates for student visas, subclass 500. Data are taken from the Australia Home Affairs website.

The reference is calendar days counted from the application date.

Currently, the embassy has no processing deadline for visas in this category.

Student Visa Value for Australia:

The value is AUD 628.18 as of the date this article was written. But remember that if you need help from an agency, there may be additional fees to support your visa application.

The amount was readjusted in 2019 and is normally not readjusted every year.

Student visa term and renewal
The student visa is valid for the period of the course plus a vacation period usually. The rule is:

  • For studies of up to 10 months, four weeks vacation is granted.
  • For studies longer than 10 months, there are eight weeks of vacation
  • If your course lasted more than 10 months and ended after the second half of November, the visa is granted by March 15 of the following year.
  • You must submit a new application via your Immi account before your visa expires if you want to renew your stay. This is important so that you don’t get illegal in the country. There is no rule regarding the advance of application. When the visa is applied from within the country you are given a “bridge visa” to stay in Australia until the decision on the new visa is made.

Let’s not forget that to extend your stay you must present the same documentation again. All documents must be up to date.

Other types of visa:

Australia has many types of visas, but let’s talk more about a few. In addition to the student visa, other more common visas for Australia are:

Higher Education Visa (573) and Graduate Research (574): Has similar characteristics to the regular student visa.
Temporary Graduate visa: Up to 18 months work visa for graduates in Australia
Work permit/ Work visa: in this case you will need a sponsor, who will offer you a work contract and also justify to immigration why you are being hired. This is usually the case for areas where labor is scarce. In Australia it is known as Sponsor Visa.

Skilled Independent Visa: On this visa you can live in Australia indefinitely. In addition to passing a test, you must be invited by the government and approve all documentation.
All visa information I&V always recommends validation on the country’s Immigration website, as the rules may change without prior notice. There you will also find other types of visas!

Is it worth it to apply for your Australian Visa with an Adviser?

Application processes for consular visas can be bureaucratic, detailed, with rules that change depending on various factors (age, purpose of the trip, length of stay, etc.) in addition to constantly changing, especially in exceptional times such as global crisis situations involving health issues.

Having an up-to-date, experienced specialist who deals with these matters on a daily basis can avoid situations in which people without experience in the subject make mistakes due to the lack of knowledge about certain requirements imposed on applicants by the foreign authorities responsible for analyzing visa applications. A specialist will know how to deal with all possible doubts and difficulties of the most varied natures that usually arise, in addition to the competence to know how to choose the best application strategies for each case.

Obtaining approval for a visa application is a fundamental part of a much larger project that involves much higher costs (and dreams!) so it should be considered a low cost investment when considering the total amount of money invested in traveling abroad. If your trip requires a visa, without it the entire project is compromised.

Finally, hiring consultancy in the application of consular visas increases the chances of approval and reduces the risk of denial

Visa to Australia approved…. good trip!
The most common visa process for Australia is to study English for 6 months and is similar to New Zealand.

After the visa is approved, just wait for the trip! Prepare for the course, plan expenses, think about trips and places you want to see. There is no shortage of reasons to visit this country! Have a nice trip and enjoy!

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