Unforgettable trip: Places that will convince you to go to Hawaii

Anyone who loves the beach and nature cannot miss Hawaii. The place is made up of islands, which are very different from each other – it is even possible to find paradisiacal places and adventure destinations in the same place. The great attraction of Hawaii is its beaches, which look like a postcard, not to mention its trails in the middle of nature and its volcanoes – some even active.

Whether you want to spend a month, fifteen or ten days, the destination is incredible and worth the investment. Being on American territory, a visa is essential to enter the country. In addition, some vaccines are necessary for traveler safety – for this there is the National Vaccine Certificate, issued free of charge by SUS.

To inspire you to discover one of the most surprising destinations in the world, the Guide of the Week has made a list of wonderful places that will convince you to go to Hawaii.



Hawaii is an archipelago made up of no less than 19 islands and atolls (formations in the middle of the ocean). Among these islands, there are some more famous than others, four of them being very famous: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island.

OAHU: this is where Honolulu is located, the capital and the most populous city in the state, occupying almost the entire island of Oahu. If the goal is to enjoy all-inclusive resorts and beaches with a good infrastructure, the island is the right choice. In addition to the easy locomotion between the tourist spots, there are a greater number of restaurants and hotels there.

MAUI: At nearly 1800 square kilometers, the Island of Maui is where nature is. There are numerous forests, waterfalls, trails and very beautiful beaches. Unlike Oahu, there is not much infrastructure across the island, with the West Coast being the one with the most options and infrastructure.

KAUAI: it is the “greenest” island in Hawaii, with an exuberant nature, being considered the least urban of the four largest islands in the archipelago. Known as “the garden island”, the destination is the right choice for anyone who wants to venture into the wild side of Hawaii.

BIG ISLAND: it is one of the best known islands, as it is there that the dormant and active volcanoes of Hawaii are located. Due to volcanic activity, the island does not have many beaches, but many rocky shores.


Oahu is one of Hawaii’s main islands and home to the capital Honolulu. One of the postcards there is Hanauma Bay, a beach that has a different concept, as it is formed by an old volcanic crater and home to an incredible variety of marine life.

It is no wonder that the place was elected as the most beautiful beach in Hawaii – and in the United States! Due to its calm waters, the best trip to do there is snorkeling – in it the tourist can observe and swim with the colorful fish.


Diamond Head is nothing more than a gigantic crater formed by the eruption of a volcano 300,000 years ago. The main activity there is a trail that leads to the top of the crater, where you can have an incredible view of the sea and the region.

The place has become a beautiful park, where tourists can find a good infrastructure: restrooms, convenience stores, restaurants and a place to rest. The visit is a must for anyone who enjoys exotic tours and incredible landscapes.


Haiku Stairs, or the stairs to heaven, is a staircase that leads to the top of Mountain in the Haiku Valley. There are 3922 steps to the top, where tourists find an unparalleled view of the island. The trail itself is forbidden to anyone and has been closed since 1980, a factor that does not prevent many tourists and adventurers from walking along its steps to observe the incredible view from above. For Visa Click Here


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