Getting a visa for the US is one of the biggest questions for most Indians who plan to visit North America.

Unfortunately, this is an impossible process to be circumvented, since only enter the Land of Uncle Sam who has the document approved and valid.

The truth is that there are many rumors about the issuance of this document.

After all, even though many people believe it to be a complicated process, we can guarantee that this is a very simple process.

Now, if you have any questions during the process, the Travel Assistant has prepared this content precisely to help you better understand this entire universe.

Find out what it takes to apply for a US visa:

Applying for your US visa is usually quite easy. The first step to being able to follow through on all the steps is to have all your documents.

In addition, you need to be patient when obtaining your visa, as it is a long and time-consuming process.

Therefore, the “standard” period established by Organs competent bodies is usually three months and, preferably, they need to be made with the trip to the United States booked.

There is also the possibility of taking your document out in an emergency, however, the process is a little different and is only suitable for exceptional cases. for consultation click here

Differences between a student visa and a tourist visa:

When applying for a visa, you must keep in mind what your intention with the trip is. If you are going to travel just to meet or visit a family member, the right visa will be the tourist visa (B1/B2), but if you are going to study you must apply for the student visa (F1). The student visa will only be granted if your course exceeds the workload of 18 hours per week, if the course does not have that duration, this type of visa will not be granted.

Each of the visas allows you to stay in the country for a period of time. The tourist visa allows you to stay for up to 6 months in the country, while the student visa will allow you to stay for the entire duration of the course and a little longer so that you can travel and get to know the entire region (if your course has the period for 10 months they will grant you a visa for 12 months, 10 for the course and 2 for you to visit the country).

Advantages of tourist visa:

The tourist visa can offer some advantages to those who request it, check it out:

Little bureaucracy: This type of visa is the least bureaucratic of all! With it you save time and headaches with proofs;
Good duration: The tourist visa is valid for 10 years. However, that doesn’t mean you can stay in the country all that time;
Courses: You will be able to take courses with a tourist visa normally, as long as they have less than 18 hours per week.
A tourist visa has more advantages than disadvantages. Its main disadvantage is the extension of the stay in the country, if you need it, you will have a bureaucratic and time-consuming process in front of you.

Student Visa Advantages:

The main advantage of a student visa is that it can extend your stay in the country. If you need to stay longer, the process will be easy and practical, and everything will be resolved in a few days.

The disadvantage of this type of visa is that the entire process must be done directly in INDIA. Remember that proof of at least 20 hours of study per week is mandatory.

However, it is important to remember that a visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. Your entry will only be allowed when you arrive at the airport by the immigration agent, but don’t worry, as the criteria used by him are the same used by the American Embassy in INDIA.

Now that you have all the details to get your visa at your fingertips you can plan your trip or exchange safely, don’t forget, traveling is great but traveling safely is even better.

US Embassy Positioning: Visa Application and Coronavirus:

With the emergence of the coronavirus, the US Embassy and Consulates in INDIA decided to cancel routine interviews for issuing visas to the US for immigrants and non-immigrants.

Depending on the conditions of each city, it is allowed to continue to offer essential Mission services and emergency visas.

Although the US Embassy does not stipulate an exact date for the return of visa issuance, it is guaranteed that the process will be done as quickly as possible, according to the control of Covid-19.

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