What are the requirements for obtaining an Australia visa?

What are the requirements for obtaining an Australia visa?

Before starting your Australia visa application, check if you meet all the requirements listed on this page. The use of the Australia eVisitor visa is subject to requirements regarding the purpose of the trip, the passport, the health and conduct of the traveler.

The purpose of your trip:

A vacation or business trip to Australia:

A visa is required for a holiday or business trip to Australia. The Australia tourist visa (eVisitor Australia) is the cheapest and easiest variant of the Australia visa to apply for. The eVisitor Australia can also be used to visit family and friends in Australia. If you would like to work or volunteer in Australia, please see the working in Australia page.

Study in Australia:

Do you want to take a training course or study in Australia? This is also possible with an Australia eVisitor visa, but only if the duration of the course or studies does not exceed three months. Note that this period is independent of the validity period of the visa. The maximum length of stay with the visa is also three months. It is not allowed to divide studies lasting more than three months into multiple trips, even if each stay in Australia is less than three months.

Do you want to study in Australia for more than three months? Then you have to apply for a specific visa to study. A specific visa to study in Australia is also always required if you want to pursue medical studies or courses. For example, for training as a doctor, dentist, nurse, paramedic or pediatric assistant, or for part of that training.

Your Passport:

You and all your travel companions must have a valid passport. This also applies to minors. The passport must have a residual validity of at least 6 months upon arrival in Australia. When applying for an Australia visa, you must enter your passport number. This passport number will also be written on the visa. Upon arrival in Australia, the passport number indicated on your visa must match that of your passport. You must therefore travel with the same passport that was used to apply for your visa. Is your passport not valid long enough? If so, you must first apply for a new passport. Once you have received your new passport, you can use this passport to apply for a (new) visa. Will your new passport be ready too shortly before your departure for Australia? Then you should submit an urgent visa application. For Visa Consultation click here

If you are an Australian national, you cannot apply for any type of visa for Australia. Not even if your Australian nationality is your second nationality or if you are traveling with a passport issued by another country. If you are an Australian national, you must travel with your Australian passport. If you do not have (or no longer have) an Australian passport, you must contact the Australian embassy.

Your Health:

Is your physical or mental health a public health risk in Australia or a potential danger to the Australian population? Then you cannot go to Australia, even if you have applied for a visa. You can only apply for an Australia visa if you meet all of these health requirements:

  • You are not suffering from tuberculosis
  • You will not give birth in Australia
  • Your arrival is not expected to result in healthcare costs exceeding AUD 49,000 (± € 32,000)
  • Your arrival is not expected to lead to longer waiting times for treatments with limited capabilities

Not sure if you can meet the above requirements? Or do you not meet the above requirements but it is very important for you to be able to travel to Australia? In this case, you must contact the Australian Immigration Department. The Immigration Department will assign you a doctor with whom you can discuss your situation, after which the doctor will assess whether your health status allows you to still apply for an eVisitor Australia visa or another type of visa.

Healthcare expenses during your stay in Australia:

The rates for medical treatment in Australia are sometimes significantly higher. If you require medical treatment during your stay in Australia, the costs will be at your expense. Therefore, it is important to check before departure whether these costs are covered by your health or travel insurance. Check carefully what exactly is covered and whether, for example, the costs of specialist treatments, private health institutions, the use of ambulances and dentistry are covered.

By presenting your passport and EHIC card, in Australia you can register with the national health insurance fund, known as “Medicare”. If you are enrolled in Medicare, you will not need to pay upfront for most basic treatments, since the healthcare institution can claim these costs directly from your health insurance company.

Your character and Behavior:

The main purpose of the Australia visa application process is to keep unwanted individuals away. Anyone who is more likely to pose a danger to the Australian community or to exhibit criminal behavior, such as defaming, harassing, intimidating, stalking or assaulting people in Australia is not welcome. Even in the following situations it is not possible to apply for an Australia visa:

  • The traveler himself or a family member is in debt to the Australian government
  • The traveler does not have sufficient financial means to pay for the stay and the return journey
  • The traveler was sentenced to a fine for domestic violence or child abuse, sexual or otherwise
  • The traveler was sentenced to a prison term of more than 12 months (served or not)
  • The traveler is a fugitive and / or wanted by Interpol
  • The traveler is involved or has been involved with a person, organization or group probably involved in criminal conduct
  • It is reasonable to suspect that the traveler has been involved in human trafficking, genocide, a war crime, a crime against humanity, a crime involving torture or slavery, or a crime of international importance, regardless of whether the traveler was convicted of this crime

Do you meet all visa requirements?

If you meet all the requirements for the Australia e Visitor. You can apply for your visa immediately online. Keep in mind that you must meet all these requirements until you have left Australia. If your situation has changed between the time of your application and your trip to Australia, check again if you still meet all the requirements.

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