What are the requirements for the Different Kind of Visa?

The requirements are:

  • 18 years old
  • a passport
  • the number of the sponsorship certificate (communicated by the authorized sponsor offering the job)
  • Sufficient money for their livelihood – at least $ 1,270 deposited in a bank account one month before the visa application – unless the sponsor is willing to pay this amount
  • a personal photo and fingerprints deposited at a Visa application center.
  • The visa must be applied for online on the Confirm your visa type page

Other types of Visas:

In addition to the above, there are numerous other types of visas to work in the UK.

Some are aimed at those who intend to carry out entrepreneurial activities, such as the Start-up visa for innovative activities – or the Innovator visa to start entrepreneurial initiatives.

More information and updates will be posted on the UK Visas and Immigration page.

How to apply:

In most cases, you are applying in response to an ad.
References are highly regarded, especially if written by previous employers.

Whether you respond to a specific job offer, or in the case of a spontaneous application, you generally apply by sending your CV with the cover letter – Application Letter.

Unless otherwise indicated, both must be written in English, with a clear reference to any offer in which you are interested.

In some business sectors, such as large-scale distribution, amusement parks, multinational companies or franchises, the application is usually submitted by filling in an online application form.

It is advisable to take into account that in the UK it is preferable to use a shortened form of CV, which is more concise than the Europe model.
If an academic or technical CV can reach 4/5 pages, in other cases it should not exceed 2 pages.
It is recommended that you highlight your personal interests by clearly specifying your career goals.

National Careers Service – for undergraduates
Prospects – for graduates

They offer useful information on: market trends, professions – jobs, salary, skills assessment, most requested profiles, etc.

Some portals offer advertisements in specific areas:

I work in the hotel and restaurant sector
For work in the hotel and restaurant sector, availability to work even on weekends is required.
For the most qualified jobs, experience in the sector may be indispensable.
Knowledge of the English language is a fundamental requirement.
For some professions, such as that of receptionists, it is essential to be fluent in other languages ​​in addition to English.

The holiday centers can be recreational, sports or dedicated to the study of the language.
In any case, the requirements vary according to the tasks to be performed.
For highly skilled jobs such as sports instructors, educators and trainers, medical personnel, etc. it is necessary to have the appropriate qualifications. for Skill Shortage visa you can consult here

Here are some useful sites to look for a job in this area:

Barracudas Activity Day Camps
Natural parks

Requests for personnel mainly concern overseers, educators, guides, experts and experts in archeology and botany.
In most establishments, accommodation and meals are included in the salary.
Some sites with job offers in the sector:

Countryside Jobs Service

Riding schools and equestrian centers

In this sector it could be useful to have already gained previous work experience, depending on the job that will be performed.
On the Association of British Riding Schools website it is possible to find a list of riding schools that issue the license to start a professional career while on the British Horse Society website there are job advertisements in the sector.

Amusement parks

In the UK there are numerous amusement parks that are looking for staff to be employed in the facilities.

For more information, consult the section of the seasonal work in tourism website, or visit some specialized websites:

Bourne Leisure
job offers from the company that operates numerous theme parks and holiday centers in the UK
BH & HPA Park Jobs
job vacancies at UK campsites.
I work in the agricultural sector
A valid option, especially if you do not know the language very much, is that of temporary agricultural work.

The ripening periods of the crops differ from region to region.
For the job search it may be useful to contact the companies in the sector directly:

Where to Live:

The cheapest housing arrangement is the sharing of an apartment – House share or Flat share – which is offered through advertisements and specialized sites.

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