What do you need to get an Australian visa?

The basic documentation for getting a visa to Australia, regardless of type, is:

  • Valid passport;
  • Proof of financial condition to support yourself during the trip (bank statements, paychecks, income tax returns and even your credit card bill can be used, with a limit);
  • Proof of ties to the country of origin (declarations of assets, letter from the employer, declaration of enrollment in school or college, for example) can be used;
  • Proof of military service or discharge, if applicable.
  • In addition, in some cases and depending on the type of visa, it may also be requested:
  • Invitation letter (for those visiting someone in Australia);
  • Copy of the trip itinerary (for excursion trips);
  • Proof of course you will take in Australia (for student visas);
  • Proof of work to be completed in Australia (for business visa).
  • In addition, those traveling to Australia must also present, obligatorily, the Yellow Fever Vaccine Certificate (with a minimum issue 10 days before boarding), Travel/Health Insurance and medical examination, the latter especially for those traveling to Australia to study, which must be carried out at one of the doctors accredited by the Australian Embassy in UK.

All documentation, both basic and extra, must be scanned and sent with copies translated into English.

How much does it cost to get an Australian visa?

Currently, the fee to get a visa and travel to Australia is 140 Australian Dollars (AUD), around $100.00.

How long does it take to get an Australian visa?

The entire process, from sending the completed form with the necessary documentation, paying the fee, to receiving the visa via e-mail, usually takes an average of 40 days (which can vary in high season). Australian Visa Tips

What types of visas for Australia?

  • Tourism Visa (for those who are going to visit, spend the vacation period, go sightseeing, visit family or friends, social reasons, or matters that do not involve business or work);
  • Student Visa (for those who want to do an exchange program, study for a period an English course, technical courses, graduation, specialization or master’s);
  • Business Visa (for those going to Australia to undertake business and job research, professional meetings or events for commercial contracts, attend conferences, fairs or seminars);
  • Transit Visa (for those who are going to stay in Australian territory for a maximum of 72 hours).
  • How long does an Australian visa last and how long can I stay in Australia?
  • It depends on the type of visa:
  • Tourism or Business Visa: validity of 1 year and length of stay of up to 3 months in Australia;
  • Student Visa: validity and length of stay depend on the period of the course, with an addition of 30 days after the end of the studies;
  • Transit Visa: valid according to the ticket and stay of up to 72 hours in Australia.

How does a student visa work in Australia?

This type of visa is only valid for courses registered in the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students . In addition, it allows multiple entries and students can also work, as long as the journey does not exceed 20 hours per week while taking the course.

How to increase the chances of having a visa approved?

We know that being denied a visa is one of the biggest concerns for travelers. After all, in addition to wasting time, it also causes financial loss on the trip.

And with the visa to Australia the scenario becomes even more bureaucratic. Once the visa is denied, it is no longer possible to process online. It is necessary to go to the Australian embassy.

So, want to know how to increase the chances of having your visa approved without problems or headaches?

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