Which Flute to buy? Tips to help you choose!

With one of the most beautiful timbres, the recorder was a very popular instrument in the Middle Ages and is still one of the best known types of flute today. If you are looking for a model to buy, we have some tips that can help you choose the recorder that best suits you. Check out!


Although they appear to be very similar, there is a big difference between the fingering of the Baroque and the Germanic flute. This difference is directly linked to the holes of the recorder, since in Germanic, their diameter was changed to make it easier to play, also causing a difference in timbres. See below some more features of the two types:


A more classic model, the recorder with baroque fingering produces a more homogeneous and velvety timbre, in addition to having a more precise and balanced tuning. Other features are the forked fingering, also known as crossed fingers.


Compared to the Baroque, the Germanic flute can be considered more simplified, and is known for having a less stable tuning and for producing a clearer, rougher timbre. The F-note fingering is simplified, while the F# and G# fingering is more complex and generally more out of tune. You can Try Digital piano


This is another important factor to consider, as the difference between a wood recorder and a resin recorder is not only in the material, but also in the sound quality and durability of the instrument. Understand better:


The wooden flutes are made of a soft, porous material, usually pink cedar, which absorbs the water droplets present in the flute, preventing it from becoming clogged and impairing its sound. In addition, it has a greater durability, varying the sound emitted according to its manufacturing process.


Resin flutes are instruments that have a simplified structure and low production cost. Compared to wooden flutes, it usually lasts a little less, but that does not mean that its sound will be inferior to other models. This is an aspect that will depend mainly on the manufacturing process.


Another aspect that you can take into account is the style of the recorder, which is nothing more than the sound they reproduce. There are several styles to choose from, the main ones being:

Soprano: With a higher pitch;
Sopranino: With very high-pitched sounds;
Alto: With high and medium sounds;
Tenor: With mid range and bass sounds.

This is a criterion that will depend a lot on the type of sound you want to reproduce with your recorder, but now you know that there are several options!

Did you like the tips? We hope that you now have everything you need to make the right choice and purchase a recorder that will stay with you for a long time. And remember, whenever you have any questions.

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